Monday, June 21, 2010

why, hello there.

i'm stopping in for a moment to say hi. i can't promise i'll be blogging much this month or next as my school schedule is harder than i ever imagined it would be and i simply don't have time to do it all anymore.

but i did want to wish my father & greg's father a happy day yesterday. i love the men in my life. i am in awe of them and their ability to make all of us feel safe, secure and cherished. i grew up with a truly wonderful father who has made all the difference in my life. i love that he is in love and obsessed with the utes. i love that he can bbq a perfect steak and plant a gorgeous garden. i love that he still loves to boogie board in california and ride roller coasters at 6 flags and is a complete kid at heart. i love that he gives wonderful advice and inspired blessing & that i have no doubt i can always always rely on him.

and i also cannot wait to make my sweet husband a father someday. i have no doubt that he will be the best.
hope you all had a lovely weekend celebrating with yours.

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