Friday, September 10, 2010

basically i ate smores.

the cabin in the summer is quite pretty, but i am still a bigger fan of the cabin in the winter for the following reasons:

1. besides shoveling snow the boys won't be able to spend all day outside building things and doing manual labor
2. and when i say "the boys" mostly i am talking about g (the other boys can do whatever they want :), because in the winter rather than building things he will be forced to stay inside and chill with his wife or take me for a ride on the snowmobile.
3. no weeds to pull or thorns to get out of the pups paws.
4. garage will be built (please refer to numbers 1 & 2)
5. hot chocolate will be made on a daily basis.
6. twinkle lights will be turned on at night.
7. fire will be lit!
8. i can take "baby rides" up and down the hill on the snowmobile (as soon as this child is out you better believe i will be taking "real rides" again).
9. smart wool socks.
10. please refer to numbers 1-9

i have enjoyed the cabin in the summer, however, for the following reasons:

1. smores
2. reading on the deck
3. starry nights by the fire eating smores
4. talking a walk while thinking about smores
5. no sweaters or coats on the pups
6. smores made with gigantic marshmallows
7. wildflowers in the yard
8. g making bonfires & doing fire dances
9. roasting/burning marshmallows over the fire
10. and turning them into
11. smores


  1. well, at least you like s'mores and they're delicious.

  2. Haha! YUM!

    Can I miss you? I think I do. I want you to hold "his deliciousness."


thank you for your shout outs!