Monday, September 6, 2010

slingin' it.

i bought a baby sling this weekend at swiss days (hooray!). when i brought it home to show g he was a little confused as to how it works & what we would use it for. i tried just explaining it, but quickly realized i needed a prop. the lady i bought it from used a baby doll, but since we were fresh out of those i grabbed the next best thing, little 7 pound toblerone.
he was quite happy chilling out in the sling. he may or may not have stayed in there long after the demonstration was over. don't judge him.


  1. I have the same sling and I loved it! So did Jax. :-)

  2. Too funny - Swiss Days was insanity, right? We went down 3 times.....we also are obviously a bit insane.
    I have a sling, also and adore it. They are just so comfy in there!

  3. LOVE! You two look so cute. AWWWW!! I missed Swiss Days AGAIN!!! It is my goal every year to go and every year I miss it. Sheesh!

  4. haha! That's great. Cute material, too!

    p.s. I think I may have that exact same shirt. Sweet.

  5. Jess!! Congrats!! I have been terrible at reading blogs lately and it seems like I'm already a year behind! That is so exciting for you guys! You are going to be the cutest mom ever! When are you due? I probably need to go back a few months to even find out! Anyways just had to tell you congrats, that is so exciting! yay!


thank you for your shout outs!