Wednesday, June 29, 2011

jon + meg: the wedding dinner.

well, they did it.

as of yesterday afternoon, jon and meg are officially man and wife. we are so happy. meg has felt like a member of our family for a long time already and we're just glad we don't have to make her sleep on the couch when we go to newport anymore.

their wedding was yesterday (i took 400 pictures. you've been warned) and the dinner was last weekend. both events were pretty perfect. we had a fun time at the dinner teasing, celebrating and toasting the couple. ry may have mentioned some buck teeth that jon may or may not have had once upon a time (i remember no such thing?!) but all in all, they were surrounded with love.

can't wait to show you their wedding. it was spectacular.

ps. i must tell you that ev did not wear her pj's the entire time (those of you who know me and know how obsessed i am with dressing her are like, "no kidding").

pps. check out some gorgeous bridals here.


  1. That's so exciting Jon got married! I wish we could have been there! Miss you guys!

  2. wow they finally got married! yay! I love her bridals, and I am drooling over her cute bow sandals... love them!

  3. Love these! That was such a fun night, I just love your fam! You guys better be swimming at my parents lots this summer. Or maybe we should swim at The North's?! NOT!

    ps...Hope your pics arent copyrighted because I may have to steal a few! :) Your way better at taking pics then I am!


thank you for your shout outs!