Friday, July 15, 2011

g to the j to the o.

this is a post about my husband.

this is a post about that guy with that teeny tiny little blond on his lap
and those annoying little pups at his feet
and the needy wife resting against his shoulder.

this is a post about that guy who checks slcdeals and ksl all night long
but absolutely refuses facebook or twitter (social networking can kiss his).

this is a post about that guy who really doesn't like swimming
but sun-screened the baby, put on the swimming suit, got the sun-hat and took her all by himself the other day while her mama got a pedicure and then brought her back and proclaimed "she didn't even do anything" with confusion.

this is a post about that guy who stays up late (too late) laughing and talking with his wife even though work comes early (too early) because she's a night owl and does all her best hanging after the stars come out.

this is a post about how i love him.

love the shoes he leaves all over my kitchen (not really)
love the pieces of paper on the desk (not at all)
love the humidifier he requires next to the bed (that's actually quite lovely).

i love the way he smiles and his scruffy beard and how he made the bed the morning evie & i came home from our vacation because he knew it would make me happy.
i love his perfectly folded clothes in the closet and the crisp white socks on his always-freezing feet and the dedication he displays while administering j bubba's ear medication nightly (barf).

this is a post about that guy.

he looks forward to mowing the lawn and worships fox news and regularly makes me omelets for dinner.
he tickles the baby and changes her bum and says he wants another (immediately even!)

this is a post about that guy.
i really love him.

and now, a love letter.

dear g:

i wrote this post because i am missing you tonight (romantic!). also, because i want you to bring me home a grasshopper shake from hires. and maybe some fries, but don't forget the fry sauce or i might stab myself in the arm (the drama!) because we are out of mayo. also, there is laundry in the dryer downstairs and would you pretty please bring it up when you get home and then we can chill and watch dateline nbc like you like to do on friday nights. heck, maybe even some "to catch a predator"- we are young and wild and free, so dream big baby!

love, your wife

ps. don't go to china. i mean, what's there to do and see in china anyway (china!?) (the chinese?!!?) i bet it's suuuppperrr lame. nothing could be as fun as rice cereal/bath/bed time around here, AM I RIGHT? don't go. we will miss you.


  1. You're the coolest gal around. Love every word of this post.

  2. I love to hear about what's going on with you-just got caught up.Horray for rice cereal! There are insistent demands for it around here as well. Lots of tray banging & loud grunts. You and G are so sweet together, I love it! Makes me so so very happy!

    Well, Clay, the psychadellic homosepian, is going to be in Dallas this week. Boo! A BIG LOUD BOO!! I say we flee to the pool, babies in hand, yes? I NEED a tan and summer is half over. Sacrilige.

  3. Awwww!
    Loved reading this!!
    PS - I love Dateline NBC waaaay too much for my own good.

  4. Tell Greggypoo to leave all the China travleing to me.... either that or take me with him :) I love your love letter. your writing is amazing!!!!!!! let's go to the pool. and lunch. or dnner. or all of the above.


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