Monday, August 22, 2011

month seven.

dear evie,

today, i had one of those moments. you and i were in the kitchen eating sweet potatoes and sucking on measuring spoons and singing songs. the sun was shining on the hardwood floor as we listened to adele and slurped veggies from the spoon and smiled at one another. nothing unusual, really, just an afternoon wasting time together, but all of the sudden i found myself so completely filled with happiness it made my eyes well up with tears.

once upon a time, i only dreamed of having you in my life. once upon a time, i took pregnancy test after pregnancy test and continued seeing negatives. once upon a time, i was in the hospital rubbing my basketball of a belly and feeling so unsure about our future together. once upon a time, happiness seemed a bit harder to come by.

but, these days, i am bursting with it. these days it is oozing from my chest and running, sticky and warm, down my arms. these days, i am smacking my lips to make you laugh and picking you up when you reach for me and wondering how i could ever love anything else in the world the way that i love you.

i want so many things for you, evie. i could spend days writing down all my wishes for you and sending them, sealed with a kiss, to the heavens. i don't know what your future will hold. i don't know if your wishes will involve a husband or a career or a blond baby of your own, happy and delicious on your hip. i don't know any of these things, but i do know that regardless of what your wishes might be, i will spend my whole life hoping you find that person or that thing or that moment that fills you with happiness from head to toe, the way that you've filled me.


  1. Ahhh! She is so adorable! (and that tatertot looks so cute;) She's the perfect model.

  2. You are the most amazing writer... I could read your babblings forever. And your photography is stunning. How beautiful is your baby?!?!?!?!??!
    Love ya Jess :)

  3. Seriously - happiest baby ever! She is just too photogenic, I love it!

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous Jess, just like this post. Always love your posts. I can't believe how big she is getting! Pretty soon you will be posting about YEAR ONE!! Love you girl xoxo

  5. I love your love letters! She is such a happy little lady!

  6. Her hair became super blonde, cute!

  7. Your blog is so sweet! I love reading it and seeing what you, G and Evie are up to. She's growing so fast! It's nice to see you're enjoying every minute! You guys are such a cute family!

  8. These are the most adorable pictures.. She is BEAUTIFUL!!


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