Friday, August 12, 2011

six month check-up.

we finally made it in to see the doctor for evie's six month check up (3 weeks late. long story). she is six and half months old and the size of 3 month old? (or maybe the size of a teacup poodle? the size of a gallon of milk? she is bite-sized!).

my favorite thing people ask me when they see how little she is is if i feed her. because obviously, i don't. i totally portion her meals (and we are still exclusively breastfeeding so this is difficult) and i make her do weekly weigh-ins.

i mean, seriously people?!

evie passed the six month checkup with flying colors. well, except for the part when the doctor took her out of my hands to check her out and she got major stranger danger and pulled the saddest sad lip in history. rock on, baby girl!

a few facts about my janey girl at almost 7 months:
  • her ability to sleep still blows my mind. she is the best little sleeper. 12 hours is the minimum. i can never pull the whole "i'm a new mom and therefore so tired" because seriously, i'm fine.
  • rice cereal is the bomb!, but anything else sucks. peas? gross. green beans? worse. sweet peas? dry-heave, gag, dry-heave some more.
  • she is a water baby (hooray!). we usually make it to the pool once a week and she loves it. she recently figured out that she could splash and wow, this makes things even better.
  • she is still cuddly as can be. her bedtime routine involves being rocked for a little while, with her head on my chest and her thumb in her mouth. it is the absolute best part of my day, every day.
  • yes, she sucks her thumb like a champ.
  • binkies no longer exist to us. once the thumb became a major player, the binkie was old news and we don't even have one anymore.
  • she is a mover. she rolls and scoots and finds a way to get where she wants to go. we are totally to the point of needing to baby proof, because she loves to roll all the way across the room while i'm not looking and find something fun to touch on the wall.
  • everything goes in her mouth. everything! we are talking complete stranger's fingers in her mouth. i honestly don't even fight it anymore. if you are going to talk to her or love on her she is going to suck on your fingers while you do so, and that is just the way it is.
  • i cannot stop kissing her. you guys, i am dead serious. it's a problem. it's a sickness. i need those kisses like an addict needs crack. in case you don't believe me, might i just tell you that she spit up IN MY MOUTH yesterday, while i was kissing her and i'm pretty sure that doesn't happen unless your baby's lips are on yours at least 90% of the time (because otherwise, what are the odds?!)
  • she can say "mama" but she only says it when she is crying (no fair!). when she is really upset it's "mmmaaammmmaaaa" or "mooommmmmmmm".
  • she has a bit of separation anxiety, but i try really hard to help her work through it. she sometimes pouts and cries a bit if someone else is holding her and she wants me, but if i leave her for a minute or two, she gets over it.
  • she smiles at me alllll dayyyy loooong. it is impossible to be grumpy or upset with her in my life. she is pure sunshine.
  • if you want to make her smile or laugh you should click your tongue, purse your lips, blow raspberries on her tummy, play peek-a-boo, pretend like you are eating her (yes) or say "a-boo!" and she certainly will.
  • she recognizes the camera now and hams it up. it's gotten even worse now that we are skyping with dad and making videos for him often. she loves to see herself and flirts. she is cute and she knows it (my mom often said this same thing about me when i was a baby, so i guess i can't blame her for loving the attention).
  • she loves little kids. especially the ones she sees all the time, like morgan and craig. she knows who they are and loves to watch them and be with them.
  • she is curious. and yes, her eyes are always that open and big and curious (people ask me that all the time).
  • she loves it when we sing "the wheels on the bus" but only the the mommies on the bus say shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh part and "come little rabbit".
  • baby einstien is aaammmmaaaazzzziiiiinnnnngggg!!
  • she loves her dada and loves to skype with him now that he is away. she can tell that it's him and smiles the whole time. they are so sweet together.
  • she is the best thing in my world. i honestly don't know how to describe how much i love her or how happy she makes me. being her mother has filled my whole world up with joy.
happy six month check-up lovey dove! sorry about those stupid shots. i'm eating extra sugar tonight to make it up to you.

*sorry, lost your comments. i did read them all, though, before they disappeared! 

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