Thursday, September 15, 2011

the aveNEWS.

yesterday i put on my big girl pants and went visiting teaching for the first time, in, oh i don't know, six months? (i am a really good visiting teacher, you should know this). i was running late when i arrived (a whole three minutes late- it was g's fault!) and felt a little unprofessional and irreverent to be running up to the house three minutes late and all, but then my visiting teaching companion ended up being an hour late, so like, no biggie...i was THE HERO!

well hero-ish, i would say, because of the part where i sat down, starting chatting about things completely unrelated to church or reverence or spirituality of any kind and then ended it with, "hmmm, well, i didn't prepare a thought or a scripture or anything, i'm kind of ALL CHURCHED OUT today, so...".


yes. those are the exact words i spoke. i told her i was "all churched out" and it wasn't even a sunday or anything. i mean, you guys, can you even believe this nonsense?!

anyways, it turned out to be just fine and dandy because the girl i visit teach is rad and we kind of just sat around and talked about how weird some of the people living in the avenues are (WEIRD!) and discussed how much we love our neighbors who fly their rainbow flags and go rollerblading in skin tight apparel while singing britney spears songs at the top of their lungs (we love those guys a lot and we hope to be invited to one of their patio parties some day) and then we decided upon going out for ice cream next time and closed the whole thing up with a prayer.

amen, right?! amen.

if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for those who wish to have me for a visiting teacher please just let me know. but, fair warning, the list is LONG.

anyways, back to the avenues. 

i have recently decided the avenues is a weird place to live. the avenues is nothing like my motherland: the cottonwood heights and not nearly similar enough to my one true love: the sugarhouse. 

sometimes i like to sit on my front lawn with my baby and those pesky dogs who don't listen to me anymore and just contemplate the avenues. i mean, the avenues, can be strange sometimes and the people who live here can be stranger. please note: myself included.

case in point: saturday afternoon.

last saturday afternoon the avenues held their annual avenues street fair. we'd been seeing signs for it all week and hearing lots of hype and so naturally i thought FUN! and naturally g thought LAME! and so obviously, we went.

i could spend a long time discussing the people and things we saw at the fair that day and give you some thrilling details, for example: it was really hot and crowded and it smelled like indian food (which tastes good!). there was a tent specifically designated for mothers to nurse their babies-the breastaurant is was called!- and i thought rad! because well, i'm a nursing mother and why not go nurse with all those other nursing mothers, so what if their babies are 4 years old, right?!? also, i bought myself a chocolate covered ice cream bar coated in almonds from the famous hatch family chocolatiers (reality show!!) and g didn't buy anything and thought most everything we saw belonged in the garbage. but in g's defense it was seriously hot outside and he was missing a football game on tv, so try not to judge him.

i could go on, but honestly, it's 11:30pm and the husband says i am staying up too late these days and refuses to cuddle with me at all when i climb in to bed at 12:01am, so perhaps i shall just leave you with this short video of sister hoola hooping hippie and leave it at that.

i just think that sums things up quite nicely, don't you?

please note: i love living here.
please note:  evs and i can take our walk at the gateway if we feel so inclined. (we only feel so inclined on days in which we have showered and our hairs are curled (so, not that often, really).
please note: i drive past temple square any gosh darn time i please.
please note: good restaurants! everywhere!!
please note: the trees are GLORIOUS!
please note: gjo better be awake and ready to spoon.


  1. Your blog brings me so much joy. The end.

  2. You are my kind of visiting teacher!

  3. Ditto to Annie. Is Ev pushing the stroller. Whatever it is, she looks pretty intent on doing it. Haha! Maybe you should give Daybreak a whirl with us? Next Friday we close!!! Try to contain your excitement please.

  4. Let me re-phrase that! I would put eyeshadow and liner on with a Q-tip. Mascara was out of the picture for a day or two!!


thank you for your shout outs!