Thursday, October 20, 2011

baby's first plane ride. mama's first panic attack?

the truth is, i don't get nervous all that often.

i think i might even have the guts to call myself brave. i remember when i found out i would be having a c-section, i went home and you-tubed myself up a few procedures to watch and as they demonstrated the slicing and pulling and destroying they were planning to do, i should have been terrified, but what i really felt when i left the computer was "meh".

thanks to my dad, i will ride any roller coaster you want to take me on. no problem. i actually have a really hard time being understanding towards those who won't (i know, i know, i'm sorry). i mean, it's a roller coaster. you aren't going to fall out and you certainly aren't going to die, so what's the big deal? don't even get me started on roller coasters that happened to be located at a little old place called lagoon, because i have some strong opinions.

the other day i was watching "18 kids and counting" (or is it "20 kids or counting" now?) (21 kids and counting?)...

the other day i was watching "we have a ton of kids and counting" and it was an episode where two of the older girls have to go in to get their wisdom teeth out. the oldest girl takes it like a champ. sure, she's nervous, but overall her attitude is a whole lot of "well, i'll be under the entire time so?"

the younger daughter, though. the younger daughter was a wreck. and i know she's only 15 or 16 or whatever (and i was more afraid of my wisdom teeth extraction at that age, too) but she was crying and shaking and sobbing and terrified of being put under and terrified of the shot and terrified of everything, and (here is my insensitivity about to come through) the whole time i just wanted to shout "pull yourself together, girl!" because wisdom teeth? no big deal. c-section? you can't feel a thing (granted recovery was a beast!). root canal? a little bit of pain, but also, exciting!

if you want to talk about something that's truly scary, let's talk about taking a 9 month old on a 12 hour red-eye and then expecting her to re-adjust to a new time zone and take all of her naps in a stroller for the next ten days, because HELLO! I AM TERRIFIED!!

i've been having nightmares and lock-jaw episodes (from clenching my jaw in nervousness while i sleep) and even the sickly stomach butterflies i used to get as a kid, because friends, i've never done anything like this before!

we leave later today and before i gussy up the living room for my house guest and wash the dishes that are in the sink, i thought i'd come here to ask you for your wisdom.

what's your best plane ride with a baby tip? what's your best traveling with a baby tip? do i change her diaper at my seat, or in the bathroom? is there a changing table in the bathroom? if she doesn't feel like nursing during takeoff and landing, will her ears explode with pain, or will she be fine?

will i annoy everyone to death if i let her play with her toys in the isle? what if she needs to watch an episode of mickey mouse clubhouse on the ipad...can i leave the volume on? what if she won't sleep? what if it's 2am and she is screaming and the other passengers are threatening to throw her out the window?

i mean, really you guys, WHAT THEN?!


  1. I promise you will be ok! Just remember you will never see these people again. In case she does not want to nurse bring a sucker. I have herd their ears can hurt pretty bad. Take new toys or something new that she has not seen and will be interested in. If it is a red eye you will be fine. I took an 18month old and a 4 year old on a 7 hour flight and was terrified! You will be fine. Good luck!!!!

  2. I took Lo when she was 9 months and she was a piece of cake. Maybe because it was to Cali and lasted only a short hour or so. Any-who, just try and stay calm and roll with whatever Evie wants to do. I'm sure she'll sleep most of the time anyway!
    Good luck!!

  3. maybe baby benadryl? But, that is probably only is you're seriously desperate. I'm not sure I condone drugging your kid, but if she is having a really hard time it might be an option.
    From what I know about your little girl, she's a pretty good sleeper. So, my guess is that if it's a red-eye she may just sleep the whole time. Lianne flew with Calvyn and she was worried about the ear thing too, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. Good luck!

  4. Calvyn wouldn't eat or take her passy during take off or landing, but she was totally fine. it didn't seem to bother her. she was two months at the time.

    I just went with what she wanted the whole time and then got her back on her schedule when we landed.

    I changed her at my seat and just didn't look at anyone while I did it.Out of site out of mind:-)There is not a changing table in the bathroom (well not in the ones I was on)

    Also, you will have G there with you to help, right?

    I think a little noise from your ipod will not be that bothersome plus they would rather her mickey mouse club or noisy toys than an upset baby. But an upset baby is totally fine too!!!

    You've got this! she's going to rock that 12 hour flight!

    When we're out and about I cover the stroller with a blanket as to block out all the interesting thing. and she sleeps a little better.

    I hope this helps :-)

    p.s. Who cares what people think! just as long as you're doing what's best for you and your baby that's all that matters.Remember that you're Awesome and so is that sweet little lady!

  5. One surefire way to make sure your baby is okay while on the plane is to make her REALLY tired right before the flight, and then have her finish her bottle before boarding the flight, or at least right before take-off. This will ensure that she’s asleep for a good amount of time. Also, remember to bring new toys with you that she doesn’t see before the flight, so that when you take them out for her to play with, she remains interested in them.

    Lilia Dyal


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