Tuesday, October 11, 2011

big gulps, huh?


if you happened to be at the gas station at 12:42am last night and witnessed one pajama-clad woman wander in and purchase one enormously large mug you would assume the following...

a. she really loves diet coke. like, a lot. and this mug is the only mug large enough to fufill her middle-of-the-night diet coke craving.
b. she just found a turtle and needs somewhere to put it.
c. she has lost her marbles.
d. her freezer mysteriously stopped working in the middle of the night and she doesn't want all the precious breast milk she has stored to thaw, but she doesn't even own a cooler (who doesn't own a cooler?!) and the grocery store is closed, so this giant mug full of ice and bags of frozen breast milk is the only thing she can think of.
e. whatever the problem is, her husband obviously wouldn't help her.
f. all of the above

if you answered f, you might be right, except i didn't actually find a turtle (but i do love myself a diet coke before bed) and i don't think i've lost my marbles. at least not yet.

but yes! the freezer stopped working and g man was sleeping (and seriously not that concerned about the whole situation when i woke him, in case you are wondering) and i did MY BEST, okay?! i mean, i was concerned because of THE BREAST MILK! THE PRECIOUS BREAST MILK! the breast milk that i use every now & then when my baby needs a bottle at church and i'm wearing a dress that doesn't allow for nursing and just think about all that time spent making extra breast milk on top of the breast milk i have to make anyways, and DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?!

we don't own a cooler (who doesn't own a cooler?!) and the grocery store wasn't open and when i wandered into the gas station as a last ditch effort my tired, tired heart whispered to my brain "just buy the freakishly huge mug already and never look back!".

and so, that is what i did.

of course, i returned home around 1am only to find that my freezer was working again and all was well in breast milk land and i was really really tired when i woke up this morning.

and now, a final question.

what the HELL am i going to do with this thing!!!?

i am pleased about the number of times this post says the word "breast". also "milk". hello brothers!!!

ps. name that movie.


  1. Hahahahaha - I'm pretty sure you can bathe your dogs in that :)

  2. I'd say save it and give it as a white elephant in a couple months for Christmas... THAT'S RIGHT, CHRISTMAS IS JUST A COUPLE MONTHS AWAY!!!!!
    I'm also please with the number of times you mentioned the words breast and milk in this post, congrats on totally grossing out some peeps, I'm happy to say I'm grown enough that it doesn't bother me now (although not too long ago I would have dry heaved...)
    And lastly, the bubble left for a couple weeks BUT IT IS BACK! ARGH!
    Have a happy rest of your week!

  3. ha ha
    ha ha
    ha ha
    ha ha
    ha ha

    fill in the gaps because that's how hard i'm laughing at all of this.


thank you for your shout outs!