Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 this past sunday, march 27th, we blessed our baby girl in the same dress i wore 24 years ago on my blessing day. it was such a special day for our family and one we will never forget. when i was laying in that hospital bed for weeks on end this was the day i was looking forward to. to be home, to be together, to have things progressing as they should be. the day finally came and g gave evie a beautiful blessing. i can't help but say that i am so grateful he is her daddy. i was reminded why i chose to marry him early sunday morning when i found him ironing her blessing dress without being asked. he couldn't understand why i thought it was so sweet, but i am sure most of you girls will understand. just the fact that he wanted her to look beautiful for her special day and took the initiative to iron her dress without any prompting from me was so loving of him. she is lucky, and so am i.
on a side note, because our apartment is small and our immediate families are already big, we decided to celebrate this event with just my family and gregs. we wanted to include our aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, but there is no way we could have hosted everyone in our home and we didn't want to invite some and leave others out, or invite some to the blessing but not to our home. after trying to think of ways to include both extended families and both sets of friends, and realizing there is no way we could get even a portion of them in our house, we decided to just celebrate with our immediate families this time. we hope you all understand and know that we love you dearly.


  1. What an amazing, special day and memory Jess. That is SO sweet that Greg ironed her little dress that her mama wore. Love this post. xo

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  3. i totally understand... we did the same thing with only fam. she looked so beautiful and i love that she got to wear your dress. how special!

  4. That's so exciting! I asked my mom for my blessing gown as well a couple months ago. It needed a little TLC, but now it looks great. She brought it up to me a few weeks ago and I just think it'll be all that more special when she knows that she was blessed in the same gown I was.


thank you for your shout outs!