Thursday, April 14, 2011

a bad case of "the wants".

Ugh, "the wants".
"The wants" are a problem.

I blame "the wants" partially on the internet  (yes, that means all of YOU! I blame it on you!)

Here's the thing. My little home is decorated. Or at least, to me, it is decorated. We have lived here for several years now and during that time I have painted, arranged, re-arranged, collected, thrifted, changed, changed and changed again in order to make it a place that feels like home.

And it does. It feels like home. I love the letters and photo collages on the walls and the trinkets and odds and ends. I am utterly OBSESSED with the windows and natural lighting (we have discussed this, yes?). I like our bedroom, I like that I have hundreds of pillows everywhere (and more in storage, mind you). I like my collection of cookbooks stacked up on the shelf. I like my cake stand on the kitchen table. I like the Costco flowers in coke bottles. I like it here. I feel content here.


I like this little home until I see your little homes and then I'm like, "Why didn't I think of that?!" and suddenly my wheels are turning and my fingers are itching to re-arrange and G is like, "I swear if you buy one more throw pillow I am making you SLEEP IN THE GARAGE!"

Not really.
But, soft of.

We could build a small castle with my collection of throw pillows.
We could turn a swimming pool into a lounge area with my collection of throw pillows.
I do not need anymore throw pillows!

Except, I really need these throw pillows.

And also, a headboard.
Because we don't even have a headboard and isn't that gross?!

I don't know what's wrong with me. Can the rest of you just decorate until it's furnished and then STOP? Why do I feel like I will never be done decorating? Why do I feel like my taste will forever be evolving? Why do I feel the need to sell everything I own and start over every 45 days?

I seriously think I have a problem.


  1. I hear you. Just when I think I like the way a room looks, I see something else online and no longer feel happy about my decisions. And I'm pretty sure I need those yellow chevron stripe pillows myself. The Internet strikes again.

    P.s. I'm so impressed that you already have Evie's pictures up in your house. I swear that takes me a full year..l

  2. Personally, I love your taste. I am jealous of how fabulous it is. I have actually pondered having you come over and decorate my house! Don't much. ; )

  3. for the record, your blog does this to me. I'm always like, "Dan, look at this. I want this." when I read your blog. Bad Jessica, bad.

  4. Your house looks adorable. I have to add fuel to the fire bc I LOVE these pillows. Sorry!!!

  5. this is hillarious...because I'm the exact same way. Jared is completely annoyed by my love for pillows.


  6. i feel ya, i am the same way!! drives my husband crazy. especially the ridiculous amounts of money spent.

    so. . . that's when i learned to make stuff. its cheap. {you could make those pillows you know?? for way cheap}. not to dis on etsy or anything. but i do love a good deal! and it gives you the satisfaction of looking at it and saying. "i totally made that!"

    i do love the way you decorate. your house is adorable! {at least the pictures i have seen}!



thank you for your shout outs!