Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy jet lag!

this morning i woke up at 5am, due to the lag of the jet, craving a bagel. my eyes have not seen this side of 7am since evie was a newborn, so i thought i'd get up and see what an early morning in the darkness might have to offer me.

(it's not all it's cracked up to be. these early mornings i've heard so much about. and now you know.)

and in case you are wondering, we made it home! we survived! i took a baby to a country i've never been to and dragged her all around the city like a true tourist and lived to tell the tale! gosh, we had the time of our lives (more later).

yesterday was halloween, one of my favorite holidays in all the land, and boy did we live it up! i've always dreamed about having a baby to dress up on halloween and now that i finally have one, i lived out all my halloween-with-a-baby fantasies.

first evie and i woke up late after what was sure to be the longest day of evie's entire life and had ourselves some breakfast and a morning snuggle. we did the usual. made the bed, vacummed the rugs, took a shower/bath, curled our hairs and i thought to myself, "pshhhh. easy! taking a baby across the world and through a bazillion time zones and on two humongous flights in one day...no big deal! look at her, she's FINE! and i'm supermom!" or something like that.

and then we started getting tired. like face first in your morning cereal kind of tired. the kind of tired that not even a cold diet coke and a nice dose of caffeinated breast milk can fix and that's when i knew both of us had come down with a serious lag of the jet.

i called g to lament, "we're jet-lagged!!" i cried. "it's 8pm in funky london town right now and evie is exhausted but won't take a nap and she's crying! and she never cries! and what do i do??" g didn't know what to do. and i didn't know what to do. and man was it a really terrible day.

by 4pm i had canceled any halloween plans we had and by 5pm i had given up hope that evie would ever give into her exhaustion or allow me to even think about setting her down for even a second, unless i wanted to suffer the wrath of a jet-lagged baby! (don't mess!)

eventually g came home from work and managed to get us to the ward trunk-or-treat party long enough to take a few pictures and procure a sucker for mama and some crackers for the beeb and then we were home to give up the good fight and put our sad little exhausted lady bug to bed.

JET LAG! who knew?!

so yes. totally the halloween i pictured all those years when i was baby-less and dressing up dogs as firemen. totally.



  1. "....in the land", "caffeinated breast milk", you make me laugh and I love it! She is an adorable lady bug! Hope today it gets better!! Glad you're back safely!

  2. stinkin jet lag. bummer dude. but i sure am glad you are home.. so lets play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna hear all about the triperoo

  3. jet lag is the WORST. that sounds sad. next year will be a great halloween. yep. i know it. welcome back to the staaates. blogging world has missed you!

  4. She's the most precious lady bug ever!!


thank you for your shout outs!