Tuesday, November 8, 2011

riddle me this.

evie gets called a boy all the time.

in london evie got called a boy every single day. and since she often refuses to leave a clip in her hair, and i get that it's not always easy to tell, i just rolled with it.
how old's the little man? 9 months
where's he from? utah
what's his name? evie (cue strange looks & double takes)

she has this little olive green military inspired jacket & every time she wears it, she is a boy. i get that it's not HOT PINK AND BEDAZZLED, but c'mon people, it has an empire waist, puffed shoulders, a feminine little collar and RUFFLES?!

i'll admit that i am not someone who is overly girlie myself. i would rather feel like i look "cool" in what i am wearing as opposed to "cute" and prefer understated feminine touches, and i probably just dress her like a miniature me.

i'll also admit that babies just look like babies and the main way we distinguish sex is through clothing, so i'll just go ahead and say it...


for your consideration:

 grey with broaches / said military jacket + black and white

 grey + mustard yellow + cream (check those shoes!)

teal + blue (gasp! boy colors!) / grey + polka dot + fusia

 this is as girlie as we get and i happen to think this is super girly*.

plaid with broach / black and white stripes + little red clip and buttons

* i spelled girlie both ways. one of them is bound to be right.


  1. Haha your post made me laugh. Evie does not look like a boy! You dress her like a girl. At least she's too young to know people think she's a boy. I remember when I went skiing with Pete one time everyone thought we were brothers. I think we were fifteen. Sad day :0( Hopefully people catch on to the fact that she's a girl before she turns fifteen. ha

  2. Oh my gosh! People are so weird. Who in the world would think she was a boy?!!! If it makes you feel better, when Tate was little, a friend's mom of mine said to me, "Oh, Wyatt is going to die when he sees that you put a bow in his hair today!" (referring to Tate and her bow!) Really? really? Even with a bow in, that she noticed, she STILL thought it was a boy?

  3. Haha! Not at all. Brayden is referred to as a girl quite often as well and he wears nothing like Evie. No clips, broaches, fuschia shoes, or ruffled military jackets. Evie is high fashion and I'm excited to see her chartreuse cardigan.

    I vote "ie" on girlie. It looks more so. This coming from a girl IN LOVE with pink and sparkles and ruffles. Sometimes. Sometimes, like today, I could pass as boy myself.

  4. She looks plenty girlie to me. I am in love with the way you dress her. So darling. Just because she isn't wearing pink doesn't mean she's any less of a girl! We have the same problem every time Evelyn wears that same military jacket. I just tend to shrug it off. The worst was when we went to the military doctor (never again!) and they apparently can't read a chart because they all kept calling her a "he" when she was in nothing but a diaper. I mean come on! Her name is EVELYN Louisa. So, I wouldn't worry about it too much. She's adorable.

  5. you know me- I wear grey or black pretty much every day of my life. So I think its super girlie!!!! She's a precious babe. stupid people in this world.

  6. People are just dumb & for some reason assume that every baby is a boy. I'm not going to say who, but Greg & Ty have a grandpa that has probably called each one of my kids a boy at some point. :)

  7. Trust me, she'll get called a boy regardless! Even if she does wear pink. Jane gets it all the time

  8. hi - she is like the prettiest, cutest, most girly, girliest baby girlie girl ever. and i'm obsessed with her! i hate people for that. just kidding. i don't hate them. but i do think less of them for sure.

  9. don't worry, Boston gets called a girl at LEAST once a week. But dont pay attention to the fact that he has a BLUE lovey blankie, MICHAEL JORDAN T SHIRT on and skate shoes...because ALL girls wear that kind of stuff! Evie is darling and looks completely girl to me. :)

  10. I think some people have one sex they call all babies regardless of how they look or are dressed.I've got 3 boys & a girl and at one time or other the boys have been called girls and the girl a boy-didn't matter what they had on at the time.My daughter is 9 & she's still being called a boy.Evie is a beautiful little girl & looks completely girly to me

  11. She looks like a cute stylish little girl. I dress mine in ball shorts and t-shirts so I am used to the boy thing also. I used to get asked if they were boys or girls when they were wearing pink and had bows in their hair, people are unique. When I would tell them girl and then their names they would look at me again all confused and say "didn't you say they were girls", Fun times.


thank you for your shout outs!