Friday, March 5, 2010


a few months ago, i bought some slippers on clearance from urban outfitters. like lots of winter slippers do, they had little puff balls attached.

a few weeks after i bought them, one of the puffs fell off, so i snipped off the other and gave both to the pups. toby isn't that into toys (he is more into sleeping) but jack hasn't let his puff out of his sight ever since.

everywhere jack goes, his puff goes and i had to laugh when i found him asleep today like this. in case you can't tell, the puff is nuzzled in between his two little paws, right in front of his face.

i swear this dog isn't really a dog. he kills me with his adorableness.


  1. Is that shih tzu I see?? That is SO cute. reminds me of my shih tzu :D

  2. jack is actually a brussels griffon, but shih tzu's are cute! i grew up with one. :)

  3. oh wow! How cute!! I want a dog so much! He's adorable

  4. jack is funny about toys. Why do they even make those slippers with puffs anyway? I swear they never ever stay attached!


thank you for your shout outs!