Tuesday, March 2, 2010


wearing: h&m blouse, urban outfitters sweater, old navy scarf, f21 jeans, black leather boots

and just when you thought i didn't own anything colorful, i whip out this! confession: this is the first time i have worn this scarf. ever. 

i bought it over a year ago for reasons i can't explain and it has sat in my closet untouched ever since. i have an issue with bright colors, for some reason. i love color and think other people look fabulous in color, but i shy away from it and am always more prone to mixing neutrals with just a pop of color here & there. today, however, i decded that i would find a way to wear this scarf, so i did what i do best...i paired it with neutrals! i think this is an easy fix if you are afraid of color, like me. downplay the rest of your outfit with neutrals until you feel more comfortable rocking the bright shades.

and that's my tip of the day that i am completely un-qualified to give. thanks for listening!

ps. see that tight curl just above the camera (stemming from my part) in this picture? i would just like to inform you that that is my pansy valaine curl, given to me by my darling grandma, miss pansy valaine. she rocks an identical one, so whenever i refrain from straightening it, we are twins. the rest of my hair is naturally wavy, but not curly like this one piece. and since my grandma says she reads my blog now, i thought i'd point it out & say i love and adore you, pansy & i'm proud to rock your curl! xoxo.


  1. You are so fashion savvy. I wish I could be more like you with my wardrobe. And, thanks for the fashion tips because I am also afraid of wearing a lot of color, so maybe I'll try this. You're adorable and I love you.

  2. this is my favorite so far!! So cute! p.s. you have brought excitement into my life... every day i am so excited to see what you wore... (yes my life is boring if seeing what you wore is my most exciting even of the day... haha) but i love it!

  3. WEAR COLOR MORE!! You look amazing and it's not "whoa look at me, color", it's just springy and cheerful and fun!

  4. you look great in color! p.s. T and I saw DMB a few years ago - I'm so excited for you. I heart dave - did you know that about me???

  5. This might be my fav so far! Love that scarf so much!

  6. oh my gosh, you guys! i love all of you & your compliments mean the world, but now i am feeling the pressure!

    please don't be disappointed when i fail to produce any more of these outfits that you all love so much. please still love me!

  7. seriously adorable. oh how i love that H&M. cute, cute. and your blog is so beautiful! thanks for the great comment, i appreciate it. xo.

    and DMB for $5?!?! awesome. their shows are always worth the price tag. i love them in concert.

  8. woman.. if you haven't given those tickets away.... we definitely will join you. it is lukes favorite band and i have bought him tickets before and then the stupid band stood us up by canceling their show... anyways luke might die if i suprise him.

  9. LOVE this one!! very cute!
    Rock color & that scarf more often!


  10. dearest holls, done & done.

    ps. i texted you this, too. respond already!


thank you for your shout outs!