Monday, February 8, 2010

best valentines day.

once upon a valentines day, i was a girl who was in love with a guy named greg. i had been stalking said guy for months and obsessing over whether or not he might be stalking me too. we had been flirting relentlessly every day at work along with talking on the phone all night and texting up a storm (even though he told me that he usually didn't text. how special was i?!). i had never felt such an electric attraction to anyone in my life. an attraction that kept me thinking about him every second and trying to stifle a huge, pathetic grin every time i heard his name. we hadn't yet been out on an actual date, but that didn't stop me from insisting that i was going to marry him some day.

i wasn't sure if i'd get asked out for valentines day. i mean, i'd already decided when we were going to get married, where we would live and how many babies we would have, but i couldn't be sure about the date. after all, i hadn't yet clued him in on the fact that i was the mother of his future children, so i didn't know seriously he was taking our flirting.

when a bouquet of my favorite flowers showed up on my desk at work that day, i considered it a done deal. i spent the next few hours walking shamelessly past his office to smile at him and bat my eyes. and that was that. i had a valentine.

he picked me up that night in his freshly washed audi and we drove to market street listening to the cd that would soon become the soundtrack to our romance. the tunes that still, to this day, remind me of falling in love with him.

i could tell you what we both ordered, wore, joked about, and said, but i'll spare you those details, as i know they don't mean much to anyone but me. all that matters is that it was one of the most magical nights of my life. i sat across from him with a permanent smile on my face and knew that i was looking at the person i would spend the rest of my life with. and when he walked me up the winding staircase to the top of the restaurant and kissed me inside that glass room, i was pretty sure he knew it, too.

4 months later, there was a ring on my finger & almost 4 years later, i still feel just as in love. happy february.

ps. idea from kiersti who shared her best valentines day memory & asked us to do the same. i would love to hear yours next!


  1. *sigh* heart is officially melting. I love how you tell stories. You will write my memoirs someday :)
    Love you!

  2. Cute story jess! You guys have such magical dating/life stories, I love hearing them.

  3. That was cute! I can still remember all the tiny little details of mine and Ryan's first date. He is the only guy I've dated that I can remember what we were both wearing, what we did, what we talked about etc. I wish I could say I knew he was my husband at the time. It took us a little longer to get engaged which isn't a bad thing, considering I was still a Jr. in highschool :)

  4. it's still obvious that you're in love. i love that you walked past his office over and over. that's totally something i would do. ;) i would share one, but to be honest my dating valentine's were always guy less and now i still don't think it's a big deal to this man. i always get the reservations because i want to go out. ;) we have other special days and moments.

  5. love it!! you guys are a beautitful couple!


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