Wednesday, February 10, 2010

today, i would rather be...

not that allowing the phlebotomist at my doctor's office to poke and prod me 42 times in an attempt to get some blood out of my veins isn't nice, too.
on a completely un-related note, what are you getting your lover for valentines day? any brilliant ideas you'd like to send my way? i'm wishing i was already on the ball, like last year, when i had his gift purchased, wrapped & perfected by this time. am also thinking about the fact that last year i had brown hair & bangs and should i do that again?


  1. The sun and fun would be great. Another day for us in the cold. Darn!

  2. You know what I got Bryan for V-Day.....want me to come help you with that? Hahahahaha!
    And I love your brown hair & bangs. Tres chic.

  3. But I love your blonde, too. What I wouldn't give for your hair.....

  4. sorry about the blood lady not being good at her job.... next time let me do it :) and i love love your blonde..... my vote it stays... but do what you want- im sure you will still look great.o h and im not on the ball either. cant think of anything to get lover.... sorry for the non help there

  5. Wish I had any great V-day ideas. BK's pretty much a minimalist so I've learned that all the "extra effort" presents don't give him as much pleasure as they would give me - and then I end up having hurt feelings and being a big baby and it's just not pretty. So I'm getting him a book and doing a variation on the old candy-bar poster. If I was crafty, I would totally copy the homemade tie. Best. Gift. Ever.

    p.s. love you blonde and no bangs and love you brunette with bangs. You just can't go wrong. Always beautiful. xoxo

  6. I'm thinking of sending E a dozen red roses to work! Just kidding.. He'd probably leave me! I'm just as stuck as you are, but that's cuz E hates gifts. I loved the brown hair but you look stylish whatever you do. If you come up with any great ideas before tomorrow night.. let me know! :)


thank you for your shout outs!